Go Getter World Clothing Sponsorships:

If you are a musician, athlete, influencer, dancer or any type or performer, and are interested in a clothing sponsorship..

Fill out the form below with as much details as possible and if successful we will be in touch within 14 days. Please leave as much detail as possible as failure to do so may lead to the application being unaccepted. 

What can we offer you?

Free Clothing!


We will give you personalized clothing of your choice periodically

as well as a possibility to create your own collection alongside Go Getter World.


A Chance To Earn!


We will also give you 2 discount codes, one for personal use giving you 35% off all items, and one for your supporters, giving them 15% off all items. Each time someone orders using your supporters code, you will earn 20% of the profit from each item sold!

Support From Our Partner Brands! Go Getter Records UK & Beautiq Management


We also work with Go Getter Records UK, a music label from the united kingdom who work with a range of talents, including getting music professionally published and recording sessions. We also work with our sister brand The Beautiq, which is a modelling agency who work with models worldwide in finding them professional job opportunities and promoting their beauty and talents!





Join us today and help us grow, as we help you with anything we possibly can


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E: Info@ggwclothing.com

WhatsApp: 07923637479

 Bath, United Kingdom




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